Simple Story of Nannaku Prematho

The story is just a leaf out of films like “S/o Satyamurthy” where the son takes on the mantle of living his father’s dreams and values in action. But Sukumar thinks in a different way. He has the personal belongings of past experience in teaching mathematics and physics at Intermediate level and has already finished some of the most smart films in Tollywood where the hero is a rare admixture of Leader Spock (left-brained) and Exact Emotionality’s. Like his previous films “Aarya”, “100% Love”, Sukumar weaves NTR Jr in a never-before role of Abhiram, the graft of a London businessman Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) , who  can recite people’s minds, read the next moves of his foes, pre-empt dangers lurking in the environment, pump-prime the typical prices of his own listed company and even have pre-meditated dates with the girl he requirements (Rakul Preet Singh). The story moves with lightning speed once his daddy Rajendra Prasad’s resentment and dependence in taming Kautilya Krishna Murthy (Jagpathi Babu) surfaces as he was about to pop out. NTR swings into action and starts onslaught on the business kingdom of Kautilya until the cookie smashes.

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Sukumar has selected a story and executed it without worrying about anything else. The basic premise and the intent of the story seem to have got roots in Hollywood film based on mystic - ‘Now You See Me (2013)’. The particular planning by the main lead and revenge for father aspect reminds us of that movie. If you watch films like Focus, you will see how the hero preps up and handle the psyche of his target to follow his scheme. Sukumar takes up the straightforward emotion of son delightful revenge on villain for his father and runs a pure mind game on it. Nowhere in the film, has villain used physical methods to stop hero (he provides access card of his company to hero). Hero knows all about villain. Villain knows the resolved of hero the first moment he meets hero. It’s awfully hard to write a screenplay for such a story as there are no ‘money-making competitions’. Sukumar writes very good screenplay and attaches each and every dot with logical end. He explains the complex theory of butterfly effect in basic way. The way he made heroine understand in LEAD in a series of scenes in second half shows the intellect of Sukumar. He maintains uniformity in characters throughout. He didn’t worry to tone down the English in the movie (except for a scene at jail in second half) so that all Telugu persons would recognize. He has stuck with category.